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Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Journey (Music from GRANDIA) 交響組曲「忘れられない冒険へ」(「グランディア」より)

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Symphonic Tale: An Unforgettable Journey
(Music from GRANDIA)
  Hi-Res FLAC (48kHz, 24bit)
    digital album
  ハイレゾ音源FLAC (48kHz, 24bit)
Originally produced and distributed in IL. This is a digital resale.

You will be allowed to download and make 1 digital copy of the ALBUM for your personal use after a purchase. You may attempt to download the file up to 3-times just in case of internet connection failure.
You will not be able to attempt the download after the limit, so please check the internet connectivity and stableness, and the amount of free space of your device before you attempt the download. To be fair to both rights of the consumers and the right holders, we may consider to reset the limit, ONLY IF the  following criteria is all met: a reset request is made: 1) within 2 weeks of the purchase; 2) from the exact e-mail address of the purchaser, and; 3) for reasonable causes otherwise unfair.

You will get a ZIP (590MB) file